Ma Prem Sarasai is my meditative name, which means ‘The Grace of Love’ in Sanskrit. This is the meaning of my life as I live it now; in which I mature and keep growing every day.

It’s been 35 years since I began this journey along with myself and have been continuing it in company of Osho for the last 11 years. This is the journey that reaches out to the deepest depths of existence.

Even though this journey of mine, which is the most precious treasure of my life, started with the question of ‘Who am I?’ just like everyone else asks, over the years it is evolved to the question of ‘How can I share my experiences with the others?’.

After graduating Galatasaray High School, I decided to step into the design world and studied Industrial Design and Interior Architecture at Mimar Sinan University. This special path of education made it possible for me to have the opportunity to make a successful career created out of the works that reflected the free soul and creativity I have always had inside.

While I carried out my works based on different colours and textures in the field of design, I started to attend Hatha-Yoga trainings in India. After ten years of meditation and yoga training, I became an Iyengar Yoga Teacher and continued to work as an assistant meditation teacher at the Vipassana Meditation Center in India with dear Goenka.

On my way through this spiritual journey, I happen to realize that most of our physical problems are rooted from our childhood traumas and longings. Continuing to my education for the next four years at ‘Osho Diamond Breath Energy’ center in Italy was a real bliss. Then I worked as an assistant therapist on breath therapies at different countries from all around the world for the next seven years.

Very lucky of me that I have been walking through this road over and over again every single day; the road where Tuvana met ‘Sarasai’ in me.

Every new day gives me the opportunity to share my experience and my own way of approach to life issues through the therapy sessions which are based on the knowledge that I gained over the years.

I have being sharing my experiences in Turkey for the last 3,5 years; that I have been carrying out with people from all over the world. I have worked with thousands of people like me, like you; I have seen thousands of people just like the ones you see at work, school, in your families at different continents. In Brazil, China, Italy… The only thing that all of us need is ‘get out of the frame that cages you and let yourself be as you are’.

• Osho Diamond Breath Master Training
• Osho Relationship Conselor Training
• Osho Groupleader Training
• Osho Therapist and Conselor Training
• Osho Meditation Training
• Osho Meditative Therapy Training
• Osho Art Therapy Training
• Osho Familly Constellation Training
• Osho Dance Therapy Training
• Reiki Training I-II
• Iyengar Hatha Yoga Training
• Goenka Vipassana Training
• Classical Ballet Master Training