Breathing Therapy

At individual therapy sessions, in order to reach the highest physical and emotional state, you will discover a way to reach your full potential that your breath provides you.

You will discover that everything in our life depends on the breath only when you meet your natural and healthy breath. With each healthy breath you let in and out, you will experience how your breath fills your cells with energy, how your physical and mental health gets stronger, how you get stronger when you are dealing with obstacles. And you will experience the miraculous period of time between two breaths because the secret to our energy flow depends on breathing correctly.

The space that our lungs provides for us to have healthy breaths is so large that, most of us cannot even use the opportunity of turning this potential into having more health, peace, happiness and love because of breathing the wrong way. Yet, natural breath is the basic way to reach physical and mental wellness and going on with our lives freely by removing the blockages that come from our past.

Essential Life Consultancy

An Essential Life Consultant is a person who has a multi-dimensional eye look on life and is inspired by things he/she learned, experiences he/she shared with other colleagues and Osho therapy disciplines; but also is a professional who is able to succeed in creating his/her own style.

I invite you to walk in company with the Essential Life Consultancy in your next journey.

ELC, which I practice in individual, group and corporate sessions, gives us the opportunity of doing all the things that we can’t do in our lives. It is the most effective study that teaches us to know ourselves better, to cope with the difficulties in our lives more easily, to find our path and to be able to ask the questions that are necessary while doing it.

My own way of Essential Life Consultancy which I created by combining experiences from different fields and works I have done gives me the opportunity to offer more personalized sessions. Through these sessions, you will be experiencing the five keys of real existence and learn how to use them in daily life.

How Can You Succeed With Essential Life Therapies?

By deciding to have ‘transformation’ not ‘change’:
Body, soul and mind are prepared for meditation for the recovery that is needed. The Essential Life Consultant creates the right environment for providing an ‘opening’.

By relaxing with therapies that includes meditation:
A series of therapy that combines psychotherapy and mysticism and inspired by Osho’s disciplines are applied and reinterpreted by Essential Life Consultant.

By raising awareness in the time you are in and your breath/body:
Essential Life Consultant provides your body to feel the energy, joy and enthusiasm by using Osho Active Meditation techniques. This way the body is cleaned through breath, new and empty spaces are opened for new experiences. Essential Life Consultant makes sure to replace these empty spaces with confidence, understanding, enthusiasm and love.

By learning how to remove the obstacles that our brains set when solving problems:
Essential Life Consultant helps people who are prone to creating problems by their nature and leads them to have lifelong peace, balance and self-fulfillment. At the end of the therapy, when you see that the things that you desire do not come from outside, you will realize that you can meet your own needs by yourself.

Heart Meditation Therapy

It is a technique that makes it possible for you to meet your precious characteristics kept in you by opening your heart. Compassion, awareness, love for you and the others, peace are just few of the things that an open heart can offer you. Essential Heart Meditation aims to do everything with a passion that comes from your heart and increase your life quality.

This therapy applied in all individual, group and corporate sessions.