Deciding to embrace the real ‘you’

The first step…Have you ever met the ‘real you’?

If you have decided to do so, I invite you to play an exciting game.

I invite you to play the world’s oldest game called ‘hide and seek’ in order to find the newest you that the world will ever meet. Finding the ‘real you’ will require even less amount of effort than trying to be the ‘you that modern life seeks’.

You and I together will bring out the healthy kid in you and raise him/her together. While we discover how the relationship with our families until the age of 16 affects our lives, we will also realize that even the physical problems we’re having today are based on our childhood.

So this time we will celebrate your coming out of the tunnel you have been walking inside for some time and moving forward to enlightenment as an adult with full awareness.

Experiencing the joy of ‘transforming your life’ through breathing

Time to celebrate!

With every single step you take, the ‘new you’ will bring the limitless motion energy along with itself.

While your body starts to move with its own rhythm, you will enjoy this ride magnificently and you will see that there is nothing better than being yourself.

Instead of looking for a miracle out there, you will find out that what you are looking for is just within yourself and this will be the most elevated exploration of your life.

Exploring the extraordinary energy of ‘breath’

Time to hit the road…

How free do you feel yourself? It is not enough to say ‘this much’. The correct answer should be ‘limitless’.

In order to set you ‘free’, we will release all the trapped emotions in your body. This is a huge experience and your body will ease so much that it will make it possible for your brain to stay calm after all those distractive questions.